Home Lift, Chair Lift and Platform Lift Maintenance

Generally, lifts do not require a lot of maintenance services owing to their compact nature and few moving parts. However, that does not mean that you should leave your lift unattended because most of the hitches usually occur without warning. Regular inspection and maintenance of your lift will not only help in the early detection of problems but is also recommended to keep the machine in proper working condition for a longer period of time.

At Home Lift Singapore, we offer highly professional and customized maintenance services for home lifts, chairlifts and platform lifts. Our commitment is to deliver the ultimate lift maintenance solutions that will enhance performance and also improve the aesthetic appeal of your elevator to the desired level. Despite the professionalism in our services, we are still very sensitive to costs, so you can get the best maintenance service for your budget.

Benefits of Our Lift Maintenance Services

Lifts come in various kinds and models, which means the components and parts vary from one to another. However, there are numerous similarities too between different types of lifts. On the other hand, we also understand that people usually have different plans, which could be reflected in their lift maintenance demands. Despite your needs, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the best maintenance services.

Hiring us for home lift, chairlift and platform lift maintenance services comes with the following guarantees;

Scheduled maintenance services

At Home Lift Singapore, we can come up with a suitable plan for regular maintenance of your lift according to your expectations, manufacturer’s instructions among other aspects. In creating the schedule, we always consult with clients to determine the best time to avoid inconvenience. Even after coming up with the plan, we will always make sure that you are notified when the exercise is due. Despite the schedule, there is no doubt your lift will receive regular maintenance. And, we will also renew the maintenance schedule automatically if you wish to continue with the services after the expiry of your plan.

Automated Records for all maintenance procedures

Another benefit of relying on us for lift maintenance services is, you will have all the information about visits and activities conducted entered into our automated system. In fact, this is a feature that not many service providers have out there and can be very convenient in record keeping and budgeting. All the maintenance services records on our system are up to date can be obtained by clients at any time for reference.

Flexible schedules

There is usually no particular timetable for lift maintenance, which means you can always choose when we can service the one in your home. We can deliver maintenance services after every one month, three months or six months. However, there are some lifts that may require maintenance on short intervals. Therefore, our engineers will also advise you on the best schedule for your lift based on its type, model and frequency of use.

Accurate maintenance cost estimates

Based on the cycle that you choose for the maintenance and the particular activities involved in the process, we will always provide you with accurate estimates on time so you know what to pay. In the event that any changes may arise after the estimates are submitted to you, we will also make sure that you are informed on time to avoid inconvenience.

Customized maintenance services

Maintenance should always look into all the parts, accessories and components of the lift. However, there are also occasions when lift owners may suggest maintenance for only certain parts or sections of the machine. Despite your option, we have professionals who can deliver just the right maintenance solutions for your elevator.

Low Cost maintenance

At Home Lift Singapore, we understand the financial impact that regular lift maintenance can have on home owners and have your interests at heart. As a result of this, we offer one of the lowest rates in the industry that can suit just any budget. By choosing our services, you are guaranteed professional solutions at the most affordable rates for your budget. To make your lift even more cost effective, we can also fix energy-saving components during maintenance procedures.

Hire Home Lift, Chair Lift and Platform Lift Maintenance Services Now!

With all the benefits of our home lift, chairlift and platform lift maintenance services outlined above, there is no doubt our company is the right partner to always look up to. We have our own lift experts to work on all projects from the start to the end. Simply talk to us for professional, reliable and affordable lift maintenance services Singapore.