Home Lift


Home lifts are becoming  popular in  residential establishments today and this is attributed to their efficiency, comfort and safety in facilitating movements across different levels or floors. At Home Lift Singapore, we offer a wide range of high quality home lifts that you always choose from for the ultimate mobility solutions. Besides, our lifts are also very economical and efficient.

Depending on your mobility needs, budget and space, we have pre-designed home lifts as well as customized models. Our experts can assist you in choosing the perfect home lift that suits your expectations and residence. By obtaining a home lift from us, you are guaranteed a product designed to international standards. Our home lifts can meet just any kind of vertical travel need in the home.

Types of Home Lifts

We understand that mobility needs usually vary from one person to another. And, there are also some buildings with unique structures that may require customized lift installation procedures. Therefore, we offer diverse models of home lifts to enable every home owner get the right match. The following are the main types of home lifts that you can acquire from us;

Home Vacuum Lifts

Home Vacuum lifts are the new kids on the block, attracting quite a number of home owners today. Apart from just its excellent performance, the lift also comes in a stylish design to give your space a complete aesthetic makeover. If you are looking for an exquisite lift design without elaborate cabling and machine room then this is the right choice to go for.

Unlike conventional lifts, our Home vacuum lifts do not operate on pulleys on even pistons, instead, air pressure, which is also very efficient. The upward and downward movement of the lift car is controlled mainly by vacuum pumps and air. The lifts are very easy to install and operate, making life much easier within your home.

These lifts are especially suitable for existing homes but that does not mean they cannot be used in new residential property. Whether you are doing refurbishment or building a new home, we can provide and install the best model of home vacuum lift for easy vertical movements. The lift comes in a compact design that does not need a hoist way or pit excavation, hence even more economical.

Home Hydraulic Lifts

Home Hydraulic lift is also another type of home lifts suitable for residential property, including apartments. Our products are simply comfortable, secure, economical and elegant in every dimension. The lift are designed by highly experienced engineers to match diverse mobility needs. As a result, there is always a guarantee that every model of our home hydraulic lifts is enhanced with high quality and efficient features for better performance.

With our Home Hydraulic lift, there is no need for a deep pit, which makes it an ideal choice when looking for a lift that can take a small space. Besides, it is also designed with simple technical configurations such that you do not have to install a three phase power. The lift comes with a manual valve that automatically opens to ensure the safe landing of passengers without any accident in the event of power failure.

Although we have a collection pre-designed home hydraulic lift models, we can also offer a customized one for your home. Unlike conventional lifts, our lifts are very economical and will enable you experience better mobility within your means. Our home hydraulic lifts can be designed for homes with up to three floors and a capacity of 750 kilograms.

Features and Benefits of our Home Lifts

There are various features of home lifts that you should always look into when shopping for the products in order to know the right one that can suit your needs, space and budget. Our home lifts are designed and built with special features for unmatched safety and convenience. The following are some of the main features and benefits of our home lifts;


Unlike conventional lifts that come with a lot of limitations, our home lifts are made for both outdoor and indoor movements. Another aspect of versatility in our home lifts is that, they can also customized for travel by wheelchair. This means you can install just one lift for all, thereby saving space and also money. The fact that all our lifts can be customized to suit diverse mobility needs and building structures is no doubt a key element of versatility that enables you to get the most of the investment.

Safe and comfortable

Our lifts are made with special Security Systems to reduce all risks of injury that might occur in the event of using them. Apart from the regular security measures in most elevators, we have gone an extra mile to include sophisticated but user-friendly security features including, alarm systems, door safety controls, and emergency ventilation among others. Our goal is to ensure that everyone using our lifts is comfortable and safe.


At Home Lift Singapore, we offer the best quality and customized residential lifts at the lowest rates in the industry. And, there is always a guarantee of the best deal for every budget. Besides, our home lifts are self-reliant and do not have numerous requirements for installation and operation, which will also save you quite a lot of money.

Enhanced independence

Sometimes, it can be a little challenging looking after people with mobility problems and even seniors. This is mainly because of the massive effort and time required. But, a home lift could be the perfect solution to all these. By installing one in your home, people with mobility challenges will be able to easily navigate the home on their own without necessarily having a caregiver by their sides.

Our Home lifts are very easy to operate and our engineers will also take you through all the operational procedures after installation for convenience. By knowing that they are able to move around independently, people with disabilities or seniors will even feel more encouraged to live longer. This can go a long way in improving the general quality of life.