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Home Vacuum Lifts have been widely described as the ultimate mark of sophistication when it comes to lifts for residential establishments. Apart from their sleek aesthetic features, home vacuum lifts are also very comfortable and safe for movements across your residential space. Finding the perfect home vacuum lift for your mobility needs and space can sometimes prove challenging but, you no longer have to worry about a thing because we got you covered.

At Home Lift Singapore, we offer a huge selection of innovative home vacuum lifts to suit diverse needs and buildings. Our company can deliver pre-designed models as well as unique lifts that are built according to your specific requirements. We always focus on individual needs and this has enabled us to make it much easier and affordable for people with different mobility challenges including seniors, to acquire the ultimate solutions.

Features and Benefits of our Home Vacuum Lifts

When shopping for a pneumatic vacuum lift, there are a few elements that you should consider in order to know the most suitable one for your needs. However, it is also not easy going through all these procedures. And, that is why all our vacuum lifts are designed with simple but, highly effective and efficient features to meet just any demand with regards to mobility within the home. The following are the key features and benefits of vacuum lifts from Home Lift Singapore;


We understand the diverse mobility needs of people and structural designs of residential property. Thus, we have come up with a wide range of home vacuum lifts to choose from based on your expectations. These lifts do not require machine rooms or excavation pits, which means they can be easily installed and also relocated. Provided there is space for the cylinder, you can have the lift installed in any section of the building. Besides, the lifts can either be used indoors or outdoors.

The Home vacuum lifts that we offer also vary in terms of passenger capacity. We have models for single standing passengers and also those with additional space to accommodate up to two adults. You can also choose models with cabin seats that can be folded when not in use. Besides, we can also deliver a customized vacuum lift for wheelchair accessibility. As a result of this, you will only need one lift for the family and guests.

Innovative lift technologies

Our Home vacuum lifts move further from the common lift designs to deliver better performance, comfort and safety for all passengers. All our lifts run on vacuum technology; air pressure to facilitate the ascension and decent of the car. The lifts are also equipped with advanced safety features like emergency ventilation and alarms to avoid fall and other risks. For example, in case power is cut when the lift is in motion, it will automatically descend to the lowest level of the building for safe exit of passengers.

Reliable and fast

Home vacuum lifts are also very fast in travel, and this makes them very convenient in navigating your home. You can choose a model that travels at 9 meter per minute or 11 meter per minute. With a machine that you can use to get to any part of your home within the shortest time at just the touch of a button, there is always no limit to your mobility freedom both indoors and outdoors.


Despite the convenience of having lifts at home, many home owners still find it hard to make the decision, mainly because of the misconception that the facilities are costly. Our Home vacuum lifts are the most economical choice for enhancing movements across residential property. The lifts are highly energy efficient with zero power consumption when coming down. Even during ascension, the lifts consume very little energy of only about 220 volts to drive the turbines.

If you are the person who usually forgets about scheduled maintenance then this is the right fix for you. Compared to other kinds of elevators, our home vacuum lifts have minimal moving parts, which means no lubrication and little maintenance required. In fact, these are the types of lifts that you can use for up to even five years without conducting maintenance. In times of hitches, you only need to call us and we will repair it in the shortest time.

The fact that our Home Vacuum lifts also do not require pits and machine rooms make them economical in terms of space. The lift can be installed on an existing building or new one without interfering with its structural design.

Compact design

Home vacuum lifts also have stylish and compact designs to give your home cutting edge aesthetic value. We have pre-designed models with luxurious finishes that you can choose from. However, our designers can also create a unique design to match the theme of your home and other facilities therein. The 360 degree panoramic view of this lift makes it just perfect for giving your home a luxurious makeover.

Where to Find the Best Home Vacuum Lifts

At Home Lift Singapore, we understand the hassles that you can experience when shopping for home vacuum lifts and are ready to assist you in every process to ensure that you get the ultimate residential mobility solutions. Obtaining a home vacuum lift from us comes with a myriad guarantees including;

High quality and durable lifts

All the models of our home vacuum lifts are designed to meet international standards to not only enhance mobility but also improve the quality of life. The materials used are also carefully selected for greater energy efficiency and longevity while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Customized mobility solutions for less

Placing an order for a home vacuum lift with us will also enable you to get the perfect model that is tailored to your mobility needs, home and budget. Apart from just the low maintenance and operational costs of our lifts, we also offer the machines at affordable rates that can easily suit any budget. Simply get in touch with us for a wide selection of the best home vacuum lifts Singapore.