Home Traction Lift

Home traction lifts are a common type of elevators found in most residential buildings today. These lifts are mainly preferred by many because they are economical and highly efficient in terms of energy. Besides, they are also quicker than most types of lifts used in homes, making them quite convenient. In fact, home traction lifts are a great option for enhancing mobility and comfort in your residence. However, it is always important that you get the best quality home traction lift in order to experience the benefits of this facility.

Home Lift Singapore is the ultimate dealer that can deliver high quality home traction lift to perfectly suit your home. The products that we offer are aimed at meeting specific needs of home owners, thus, there is always a guarantee that you will be able to get just the right home traction lift. Whether you need a home traction lift for the elderly or people with varying abilities, we can help you get the best match for your home and budget.

Features and Benefits of a Home Traction Lift

A traction lift travels on a shaft that is made up of ropes or sheaves. The weight of the lift car is balanced through the help of a counterweight. In some situations, two lifts can be installed on the building so that the cars move in opposite directions to provide the required balance. Unlike the traditional steel ropes used to move traction lifts, the latest models are equipped with flat steel belts. These are lighter and, also sustainable since they can effectively work without the need for lubrication and oiling.

There are various elements entailed in the design of home traction lifts, which you should first know in order to choose the most suitable one that can effectively serve your needs.  The following are some of the key features and benefits of home traction lifts that make them an ideal option for use in residential property;

Choice of Geared or Gearless Traction lifts

There are two main types of home traction elevators that you can choose from when shopping for these products. One of them is the geared traction lift that are run by DC or AC motors. The main benefit of these elevators is their speeds, ranging from 38 to 152 meters per minute. Besides, they can also transport weights of up to 30, 000 lbs. an equivalent of 13, 600 kg. Geared traction lifts are designed with electronic brakes placed between the reduction unit and motor to bring the car to a halt whenever it reaches the required floor.

Gearless traction elevators are another choice that you can also go for. Unlike geared traction lifts, gearless elevators are considered quite durable and versatile. In fact, they can be used in both low and high rise buildings. Besides, they also operate at much higher speeds. Gearless machines can operate at speeds of up to 500 meters per minute, which makes them quite faster and convenient when it comes to mobility. Besides, gearless traction lifts also consume very little power.

Safety and Reliability

The Home traction lifts that we offer are also designed with a wide range of efficient safety features. For instance, the gearless traction lift has a governing device mainly positioned to ensure safety of the users. Whenever the elevator starts to descend, the governing device will automatically engage the brakes so the car comes to a smooth halt without causing accidents or incidences. Other safety features that you can also find on home traction lifts include, well-ventilated lift cars, alarm/ emergency buttons.

Energy Efficient

One of the key benefits of home traction lifts is their low power consumption. This is attributed to the fact that they rely on counterweight for balance. As the lift car ascends, the load is balanced by a counterweight, which ensures that there is not much pressure inserted on the motor. As a result of this, very little energy is consumed on all trips made by the lift when going up and down.

Economical to operate and maintain

There are several features of Home traction lifts that make them very cost effective for improving mobility and comfort in residential developments. The fact that the modern Home traction elevators do not require frequent lubrication, there is very little maintenance on your part. On the other hand, the little power consumption will also enable you to save more on the cost of electricity bills for the facility. Coupled with the pocket friendly rates that we offer for all products, there is no doubt about the cost-effectiveness of our home traction lifts.

Stylish lift designs

Our home traction lifts are not only durable and compact in design but, also stylish to complement the décor of your space. As a result of this, you be able to enhance mobility in your home while also creating a luxurious appeal therein. With a home traction lift, you can easily transform the décor of your home into something more appealing. Owing to the flexibility in the designs of our products, you can even choose a home traction lift with furnishings that perfectly blends in with the other decorative elements in the space.

The Best Quality and Affordable Home Traction Lift

On your own, choosing a high quality home traction lift for your residence and budget can be quite a daunting task. Instead of stressing yourself over where to find the best home traction lift in Singapore, simply visit Home Lift Singapore. Our company is committed to delivering top notch home traction lifts that can perfectly meet the diverse needs of every customer in terms of mobility and comfort.

By choosing our company for a home traction lift, you are always guaranteed the following;

  • High quality home traction lifts
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  • Friendly Customer Service

At Home Lift Singapore, we have a dedicated team of Customer Care assistants to provide better guidance to customers when shopping for products. With us, you are also guaranteed customized mobility solutions for every home. Get in touch with us for quality and affordable home traction lift Singapore.