Elevators are common facilities that are used in homes and public property to facilitate movements across various floors. Because of their efficiency, convenience and cost-effectiveness, lifts are becoming a basic facility for homes today. In fact, there are even some government regulations that require certain buildings to have lifts. However, there are a few questions that you will need answered before and even after buying an elevator for your residence or commercial property.

The following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding lift products and services;

How can I get the best lift?

This is a question that usually bothers many people when planning to acquire a lift. One of the most important things to note is that there are home lifts and commercial lifts. Besides, elevators come in a variety of designs and models to choose from. An ideal lift should be one that can meet your mobility needs, fit the structure of the building, affordable and efficient in terms of operational costs. However, the easiest way to acquire the best lift is through a professional company like Home Lift Singapore.

Do lifts consume a lot of energy?

The energy consumption of lifts vary from one type to another. Conventional elevators generally use up a lot of energy than modern designs. The latest innovative lifts are built with diverse energy-saving features including, efficient motors to ensure that your energy costs are not elevated. In case your elevator is becoming more expensive to operate in terms of energy costs, we can also conduct upgrade and refurbishment to change that. All our lifts are designed with special components and parts aimed at saving energy.

Are there any regulations regarding lift installation?

Yes, there are certain conditions that must be met before you install a lift into your home or commercial establishment. For example, the lifts must be inspected to ascertain their performance and safety before installation. It is only after obtaining a certificate of approval that you can go ahead to commission its installation. If it fails the test, the owners of the lift will be given 90 days to bring the machine up to standard. However, our company can help you in meeting all these requirements and any other that may arise for convenience.

How much space can a lift take?

Whether you need a home or commercial elevator, it will need some space for installation. However, the space usually varies depending on the type of lift, structure of the building and components of the elevator. The modern lifts that we offer at Home Lift Singapore are designed with minimal components that do not require so much space. In fact, some designs like the MRLs and vacuum home lifts are quite compact such that you will not even need to interfere with the structure of the building. Our lifts are very economical in terms of space and can suit just any property.

What Structural changes are required during lift installation?

There is no specification on the particular structural changes that must be conducted when installing elevators. Instead, it usually depends on the plan of your house and components of the lift. However, it should be noted that our lifts do not require major structural changes. With simple modifications, we can effectively fit the lift of your choice with very little changes to the structure of the property.

How much can it cost to install an elevator?

The cost of lift installation is based on a number of things including, the procedures involved, type of elevator among others. At Home Lift Singapore, we are always very keen on costs to enable all our clients get the best lift installation services for less. In fact, we have the most affordable rates for every budget.

How can I schedule maintenance for my lift?

Just like other electronic machines, lifts too require regular maintenance in order to stay in proper condition. On your own, it can be tricky coming up with a schedule for lift maintenance procedures. Through our company, you can easily get scheduled lift maintenance services at your own convenience. We can offer maintenance services on monthly basis, quarterly or semi-annually depending on how your lift is used and also the manufacturer’s instructions.

When can I refurbish and upgrade my lift?

There are various issues that may lead to the upgrade and refurbishment for your lift. Some of the most common ones include, government regulations, wear and tear, inefficiency and safety. Some of these can present signs while others may also occur without any warning. However, it is advisable to conduct refurbishment and upgrade in case your lift has been in operation for a long time. At Home Lift Singapore, we can suggest and conduct the most suitable lift modernization techniques and materials to give your elevator the perfect makeover.

How can I deal with emergencies when using a lift?

Lifts are machines and even those that are well-maintained can sometimes experience hitches that may result into injury or other risks. However, the modern elevators that we offer at our company are designed with special safety features including, alarms and emergency ventilation among others. In fact, we can even include more enhanced safety features to connect you directly to our professionals for immediate help in the event of an emergency.

Are there some lift problems that are DIY?

Yes, there are certain mishaps that lift owners can easily fix on their own. However, it is not advisable to address the problem on your own since most issues experienced with elevators could be technical and require professional solutions. We have skilled engineers with many years’ experience to professionally handle all kinds of elevator installation, repairs, maintenance works, upgrade and refurbishment. With us, you are guaranteed the ultimate solutions to all problems that maybe encountered while using lifts.

At Home Lift Singapore, we understand that there are more concerns that you may still have regarding lifts. And, that is why we have a team of Customer Service assistants working round-the-clock to handle all your inquiries. Simply get in touch with us for the most efficient and reliable help with home lifts.