Landed Property Home Lift, ChairLift and Platform Lift Installation

It is always the desire of every home owner in a landed property to have a lift that will smoothly and safely move its occupants to the desired levels of the building without any hitch. Besides, you also need a lift that can facilitate your mobility needs around the home over an extended period of time. One of the best ways of achieving these desires is hiring a professional for home lift, chairlift and platform lift installation.

The way in which your lift is installed and the materials used in the exercise have a greater impact on its performance. At Home Lift Singapore, we have a team of professional lift engineers and high quality parts for the installation of various kinds of elevators. By relying on us, you are guaranteed innovative lift installation services customized to your mobility requirements, residence and budget.

How we Conduct Lift Installation

Installing a lift is an exercise that not only requires skills but also experience and a proper understanding of your needs and the structure of the house among other elements. That is why by picking just anyone to do the job could be disastrous. Whenever you contact us for home lift, chairlift and platform lift installation, we follow the procedures outlined below;

Inspection of the job site

All lifts are designed to conform to the conditions of the intended job site. However, it is still very important to know the actual condition of the site in order to determine the best installation procedures for the lift. It is also through the inspection that we will be able to know the materials that are required for successful installation of your lift. During the inspection, we will take note of the structural plan of the building and other statistics necessary for the installation process.

Creating a plan or design

Based on the information obtained from the inspection procedure, we will create a design of how the lift will be fitted into your home. But, our designers will also give you a chance to make any suggestions that you may wish regarding the installation. In this way, we will be able to come up with the perfect plan to use in installing an elevator that suits your mobility needs and home. The final plan for the installation of your lift will take into account the type of lift, our professionalism, your specific needs and the structure of the building.


With the desired plan, you can choose the most appropriate time that you would want us to conduct the work. We have our own engineers who can always perform lift installation at the convenience of every client. Before installation works begin, the lift has to be inspected and declared safe for use in your home. However, there is no reason to worry because we can assist you through all these processes for convenience.

Depending on the type of lift, your requirements and the structure of the building, our engineers will ensure that the installation is done to the highest standards. The duration of the work may vary from two or more days depending on the magnitude of the work. But, we always try to complete projects within the given deadlines, and sometimes even much earlier.

We understand that in some occasions, ideas may come up in the process of installation and this could impact changes to the initial plan or layout. Our engineers can include those changes in the process for customized mobility solutions. However, we will first discuss with you the implications of any change that you propose at this stage before it is implemented. In this way, there is a guarantee of customized lift installation.

Training and handover

This is the last step in lift installation, which involves training users or the owner of the lift on how to operate it. Our experts will provide detailed orientation on some of the basics of the lift, including measures of keeping it in the right working condition. Besides, we will also educate you on some of the precautions to be taken for safety while using the elevator in your home.

Before handing over the lift to you, our engineers will also conduct a proper test of the facility and all its components to ascertain that they are running as required. During this process, you can also have the opportunity to ask any questions or raise concerns that you may have concerning the lift. In case of any hitch after installation, feel free to get in touch with us for immediate response and assistance.